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Animal-Assisted Therapy

Animal-Assisted Therapy at the Siberian Cat Café

In fact, animal-assisted therapy is not really the term that should be used in the context of a cat café. Instead, we should talk about the well-being and comfort that the presence of animals has in our physical environment.

At the Siberian Cat Café, we don’t claim to be health
ManAndCatprofessionals or pet therapy specialists, but we’re sure that a good purr session will allow you to forget your worries. We are pleased to offer you this moment of enjoyment as you savour one of our delicious coffees in the presence of our little four-legged therapists!

For the simple pleasure of sharing this information with you, here is a bit about animal-assisted therapy provided by our region’s specialists.


Animal-assisted therapy uses the beneficial effects JapaneseGirlWithSiberianthat animals have on humans to increase their well-being.

Animal-assisted therapy is an applied science that uses animals to help with human problems. The presence of animals brings joy and comfort to the lives of humans brings. It also diminishes the feelings of isolation and loneliness that many people experience in their daily lives.

Animal-assisted therapy does not intend in any way to act as a replacement for psychiatry or psychology – it’s considered to be an alternative therapy that is complementary to traditional therapies.


In the 1950s, American child psychiatrist Dr. Boris Levinson stated that animals’ characteristics are very useful to humans.
WomenStandingForCatThe human-animal bond is extremely beneficial to humans’ balance on a mental, physical and emotional level. The interaction between animals and humans is very different from the interactions between humans alone; there is usually no stress, nor does the human feel the need to prove anything. Animals don’t judge the way humans tend to do. Also, they naturally approach those people who are most in need of company.

Dr. Levinson has also proven that animals are especially useful in cases where people are going through a fragile period in life (loss of autonomy, aging, illnesses, social isolation, chronic diseases).

Benefits of Animal-Assisted Therapy

A person’s environment is greatly altered in the presence of an animal. The practitioner may be perceived as being more human and easier to communicate with because of his or her relationship with the animal. It is also possible that an animal’s presence may offer an opportunity for a person to go above and beyond their fears or limits in life since humans tend to project their feelings, emotions and experiences onto animals.

Psychological Benefits :PatteDeChat

  • motivation: provides goals
  • comfort and emotional support
  • relaxation and sense of calm
  • independence, self-confidence and self-esteem
  • joy, happiness and moral support
  • encourages play
  • promotes responsibility
  • provides unconditional love
  • a way to temporarily forget one’s troubles
  • a opportunity to experience new things
  • an invitation to be spontaneous

Social Benefits:

  • contact with reality
  • interpersonal relationship & communication skills
  • encourages cooperation
  • respect and tolerance
  • a catalyst for positive communication and reciprocity
  • normalizes perception of society and the world
  • encourages relationships – offers moral support
  • helps to develop trust in others

Physical Benefits

  • decreases blood pressure and heart rate
  • physical exercise and muscle coordination
  • complements the treatment plan already in place
  • helps to increase life span
  • encourages balance and coordination


Taken from the Zoothérapie Outaouais website