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Breed Characteristics

Breed Characteristics

General appearance: The Siberian cat reaches full maturity quite late, only at about five years. Neutered males can reach up to 20 pounds and females reach between 12 and 15 pounds. Mating with any other breed is not permitted. Grooming a Siberian does not take very much time. It has water-repellant fur that practically cleans itself. Giving them a bath is not necessary unless it happens by accident! Their fur is medium length and requires regular brushing during shedding periods (spring and fall).

Head: The head is large with rounded contours and has the shape of a soft-cornered triangle. Viewed from head on, the cheekbones are not prominent or protruding. The skull is large and rather flat. SiberianGreyCatInSnowViewed from profile, it is slightly rounded and extends with a slight downslope around the eyes. The nose is moderately short and flat.

Muzzle: The muzzle is round and strong and should not be pinched. Females often have a thinner muzzle than males. The chin is round without being prominent. The whiskers are long and thick.

Eyes: Big and almost round, the eyes are spaced quite far apart, separated by at least the width of an eye. They are slightly slanted without giving an oriental look. Any eye colour is admissible without any relation to the coat.

Ears: The ears are medium sized, wide at the base, and separated by the width of an ear and a half. From a profile view, they are slightly pointed forward. They are a little rounded at the extremities and the exterior is covered by abundant fur that almost completely covers its base. Inside the ears are also covered with fur. In kittens, the ears are often bigger and closer together in relation to adults.

Neck: The neck is short and round and extremely muscular.

Body: The body is large and heavy and strong. They are often said to have a “barrel” shape because of their round sides and their muscle structure. The britches are round and higher than the shoulders. The abdominal wall is very powerful.

Legs: The legs are medium height, robust and muscular with a powerful bone structure.

Feet: The feet are big and round with thick fur between digits.

Tail: The tail is wide at the base and narrows until the rounded tip. It is covered in thick fur. Ideally, the tail reaches the shoulder blades in length. 

Coat and texture: The fur is medium length and made of three kinds: top coat with guard hairs, awn hairs in the middle and a downy undercoat. The neck, shoulders and back are covered in thicker and shinier coat. This ruff reaches from the back of the head to the throat. The belly fur can be slightly curly, without this quality being particularly sought out. In Colour-Point: all white areas are acceptable, no matter the surface area or location.

Condition and balance: The general physical appearance of the cat must display strength and vigour, all the while maintaining a sweet expression.