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Community Library

Community Library

This kind of library is increasingly popular. For those who aren’t familiar with the concept, an individual, an association or a business offers for free a certain amount of used books to their clients or general public.BilbliothequeCommunautaire2

Once there are enough books to start with, the concept is simple: take a book and give a book! This is without limits. Ideally there are as many literary styles as there are individuals contributing, and for all ages. It’s as much for little kids as adults, as much in French as in English.

You feel like reading a book with your coffee and you’re really getting into it and you want to bring it home. Go ahead, and the next time you come, simply bring us another book from your collection for others to discover. You take a book and you don’t like it. Simply put it back and don’t tell anyone!

At the Siberian Cat Café, we want to take the concept even further by inviting you to leave a little personal touch for the next reader. Many books we receive as gifts have been personalized by the individual who gave them to us. If you feel like it, let your imagination run and surprise the next reader with a little note. It could be anything, a thought, a lesson that the book taught you, a note, a feeling, a poem or simple a hello! It’s always nice to know that someone is thinking of you, even if it’s a stranger!