Siberian Cat Café | 205, chemin Old Chelsea | Chelsea (Québec) | 819.827.MEOOW (6366)

Environmental Footprint

Environmental Footprint

The only footprint that the Siberian Cat Café wants to have is the one of happiness and pleasure that you get from having a coffee here. Far from perfection, we try to improve every day.

Our starting point:

  • We use entirely LED lighting.
  • We have replaced our main heating system, which was previously on fossil fuels, to an electric system.
  • We give priority to cyclists! Our bike rack worth the visit!
  • We use biodegradable corn litter for our cat friends.
  • We plan to start and promote a community library to reduce paper consumption and encourage the reusing of books.
  • We use reusable napkins .
  • Whenever possible, we offer products that are reusable, recyclable or compostable .

In addition, we invite you to make suggestions and by doing so help us in reducing our footprint. If we are able to save some trees and contribute to making the air more pure, even if just a little bit, it will be a tiny source of pride.

Since we can’t all be perfect, we also have parking for about a dozen vehicles if you want to visit us by car.

Nevertheless, if you want to visit Old Chelsea, get some fresh air and walk to visit our business owner friends and colleagues, there are two big public parking lots available only a minute’s walk from our establishment. In addition, we are neighbours with a Parc-O-Bus.

It’s raining cats and dogs! Don’t worry, we thought of you! We offer a service we call, jokingly, our co-owned umbrellas! The concept is simple: it’s raining, so you take an umbrella and bring it back the next time you come! Be the source of envy as you strut about with our trendy umbrellas with our logo, while the others will look like something the cat dragged in!