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Our Breeder

Our Breeder

Troika Cattery

We are well-seasoned pet owners, with all the animals we’ve had over the years notreeleveur2at the request of our children including dogs and cats, tropical fish and guinea pigs among others. We supported our children when they wanted to breed beagles and we even became presenters ourselves. This was a great experience for us, but we were just starting our retirement and we wanted to shift our focus to cat breeding, which was more suited to our lifestyle. That way, we could continue doing all our activities (being retired doesn’t mean being idle) without always having to come home at specific times to take the dog out, wondering if he was barking, bothering the neighbours, etc. We wanted a certain amount of autonomy and also to share a common hobby: our passion for cats.

Why the Siberian cat?

Because they are great for family life, with or without kids, active couples or people who are more sedentary. Their capacity to adapt is extraordinary!

We are a family-style breeder and the wellbeing of our cats is our priority. Our cats live with us and share the house with us, which allows them to be socialized at a very young age. Siberian cats are big with a strong physique. They are confident, quickly set at ease, not easily frightened or notreeleveur3on the defensive. They like to be held and caressed and they have a magnificent fur coat that is incredibly soft. This is why we can say that these are ideal cats for the whole family, from the youngest to oldest, with parents, friends and visitors to the cattery in between. Of course the fact that they are hypoallergenic allows our friends who are hypersensitive to cats to visit without having to constantly take antihistamines.

For me, I have spent my life learning about psychology and human behaviour. My training is in nursing and neuro linguistic programming. I have a real affinity for humanist and holistic practices and when I heard about animal ethology and behaviourism, I didn’t hesitate a second. I signed up for the first courses offered by CHATS CANADA CATS. Learning about the behaviour, language and communication methods of cats has brought me so much. I can further advise our clients, help them throughout the cat’s adaptation in their new environment and answer their questions about their cat’s unfavourable behaviours. Our cattery’s reputation is based on the quality of the cats but also our clients’ satisfaction. It has been shown that part of the overpopulation problem in shelters is due to kittens sold without having been sterilized as well as people getting fed up by kittens’ immaturity.


Taken from the Toika Cattery’s website
Michèle Ann Desaulniers-Gamache