Siberian Cat Café | 205, chemin Old Chelsea | Chelsea (Québec) | 819.827.MEOOW (6366)

Our Concept

The Concept in a Nutshell

Our concept allows cat lovers who suffer from allergies to enjoy caressing the only recognized hypoallergenic cat. Not allergic? leconceptenresume Fantastic! Simply come and take advantage of our magnificent Siberians in a peaceful, laid back environment.

You’re a dog lover? No problem. We are too! But for the wellbeing of our cats, we welcome you to bring your dog on leash to our wonderful outdoor terrace.

You don’t like animals? That’s a shame for you, but no problem!
We have taken you into consideration and have set up a bistro area where only pictures of our feline friends reside! It would be a pleasure to welcome you to our bistro area.

Definition of a Cat Café

A cat bar or a cat café or even Neko café (Neko means “cat” in Japanese) is a bar or café whose distinctive feature is that it has a large number of cats with which clients can interact. The first cat bar opened in Taipei, Taiwan in 1998 and became popular with Japanese tourists as well as the Taiwanese people. In Japan, the first cat bar was created in Osaka in 2004.

Cat bars became popular among the Japanese and the country now has over 100 different cafés. TaipeiCatCafeTheir popularity is attributed to the fact that, due to apartment restrictions, it is impossible for a many Japanese people to have pets. These cats have become anti-stress companions for Japanese urban citizens.

The concept made its way into Europe with the opening of Cafe Neko in Vienna. While the idea is the same, the Austrian cat bar is not enclosed but set up as an open space more like a regular café. In 2012, Café Neko had six rescue cats on the premises.

A cat bar project in Paris came to fruition in 2013 and opened its doors on September 21 in the Marais under the name Café des Chats. For their first anniversary, the Café des Chats, which was always packed, opened a second location at 9 rue Sedaine in the 11th borough in Paris.

In 2014 the first cat café crossed the ocean to arrive here in North America.