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Our Story

Our Story

«Where to begin…ok, here we go!

Well, hello there! My name is Natalie. I Nathalie2work for the government and like many people, I’m beginning to lack motivation at work. So I’m looking for new challenges and seeking positive ways to develop our beautiful living environment. Fortunately my partner is a little crazy, comes from a business background and knew how to share his passion with me! I love dinners with my friends, travelling and good wine!

Hi! I’m Michael, the kinda crazy partner! A few years ago, I left my job to concentrate on my own business as an accountant. As my partner often says to me, I have too much time on my hands! So I have developed a passion for real-estate, entrepreneurship, you know, business stuff. I like travelling, motorcycling and sharing a beer with my friends!

We’re both cat lovers…so allow us to tell you about how this beautiful project began.Michael3

Thank you Mr. Charest for calling the 2012 fall elections, because that’s where this whole adventure started. On the night of the leaders’ debate, we didn’t want to miss anything so we turned on the TV a few minutes early. That’s when we met, through the show Animo, the amazing cat breed: The Siberian, a hypoallergenic cat!

Without knowing it, our lives would change that evening. Being, severely allergic to cats, the idea clicked into place, in our hearts and our heads. We wanted a Siberian! The leaders’ debate was very interesting, so we wrote to the breeder between yawns.

Emails, phone calls, visits, discussions, waiting list, etc. The adoption process was underway.

Freija3May 20, 2013: Our beautiful Clarisa Freyja was born! Her original name was Clarisa, for the litter with C names (breeder stuff) but we decided to find her a name that suited her: Freyja, after the goddess of the Nordic legends—goddess of love, of beauty and of fertility, who travels in a chariot pulled by two cats!

Just as we had always dreamed of, we now live with a magnificent fur ball who fills us with joy. And still no allergies! As the months go by, we discover more and more qualities of this extraordinary breed, which go beyond their hypoallergenic properties. »

« At the end of September, 2014, we waited impatiently in the line-up for the opening of the Café Chat l’Heureux in Montreal. What a magnificent place and what a warm welcome! It didn’t take much more than that for us to start thinking about our next project!

Café Chat l'Heureux

You know, in our relationship, decisions are made between Montreal and Ottawa…on the highway. We left Montreal and the discussion began. We would be the first cat café in Outaouais…and not just any cat café: a SIBERIAN CAT CAFÉ! Yes, a café with Siberian cats so that everybody could come without loading up beforehand on antihistamines. The first hypoallergenic cat café in the world!

The next day we had already started searching for a building that would be our future café. It wouldn’t be simple. We would need space, closed-in areas so that our cats wouldn’t get out, a terrace and all this in an environment that was welcoming and inviting. After visiting only two places on the main street in Chelsea, we found our gem! A few brushstrokes later, our cat paradise was in the making!

We are now incredibly proud to invite you to come and share our dream:
Welcome to the Siberian Cat Café! »