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Allow us to introduce you to our tea distributers. Located in the centre of old Hull, it is a great pleasure to collaborate with Véronique and Daniel from the CHA YI Tea House.

Tea pickerCHA YI Tea House specializes in the importation of fine teas that originate from the best terroirs of China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, India, Sri Lanka and Africa. Each year, our team heads off to various tea-producing regions to meet with artisan producers in order to select firsthand the finest tea varieties, visit the gardens and further our knowledge of this world of thousand-year-old refinement.

CHA YI, which means “art of tea” in Mandarin, aims at introducing our clientele to unique artisan tea and to the exciting world it offers, both in terms of aroma and flavour, the benefits to our body and soul, and of the beauty and efficiency of teapots and other brewing accessories. The shop, the tasting room together with the Tea School make our tea house an educational discovery site for the novice as well as for the more experienced connoisseur. Our team of aficionados will be pleased to share their knowledge and passion for these precious leaves.

Open since 2010, CHA YI Tea House is the fruit of Daniel Tremblay’s enthusiasm for everything that the world of tea entails. Before his nearly 10 years of work in the business of tea– in France and Canada–Daniel dedicated much of his studies to organic farming, herbal medicine, viticulture and sommelier: a path that fits perfectly with the world of tea.

With his spouse, Véronique Caron-Bossé, Daniel fulfilled his dream: to share his passion for tea with his hometown community.

From the very start, the journey proved to be inspiring and rewarding. CHA YI has since won first place in the “commerce” category of the 2011 Quebec Entrepreneurship Contest.

Tea leafOur vast selection of teas, consisting predominantly of our own importations, is notable for its quality for several reasons. Our teas are all in bulk and whole leaves which provides a flavourful and balanced infusion that is unlike any other. Contrary to commercial tea that consists of uniform blends (in order to create a consistent flavour from one year to the next), our teas are presented according to region of origin, specific variety and each one has a specific, unique personality. Our role as importer allows us to insure the freshness of our teas and offer you the tea harvested from the current year.

Coming from small-scale, artisanal productions, our teas benefit from the best farming and transformation conditions possible. Our annual visits to the producers and their gardens allow us to confirm these conditions and therefore maintain the quality of our products.

Finally, in our tea selection you’ll find the classics from each region, but you’ll also find teas that are less common, discoveries we made on our journeys through Asia.

It is therefore with passion and excitement that we invite you to come join us and enjoy the unique experience that terroir teas have to offer!


Taken from the CHA YI Tea House website
Véronique Caron-Bossé and Daniel Tremblay