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The Siberian cat is known as a “cat-dog.” The Siberian has the reputation for problem solving, and much like a dog, they are loyal to their adoptive family, which means that they are popular in homes where someone is more of a dog lover than a cat lover. Siberians will welcome you at the door when you arrive and will follow you around the house. Their personalities are so endearing, a second one is often adopted. One just isn’t enough!

The Siberian cat is dependent on human interaction and they tend to have closer relationships toSiberianLooking at you humans than other kinds of cats. Consequently, it is easier to train them. Siberian cats are majestic, and they don’t hurt their human friends, not even when they’re playing. They purr loudly and love rubbing their heads against your hands. They don’t meow much because most of their communication is achieved through body language.

For all these reasons and many others not mentioned, the Siberian cat is increasingly becoming the pet in demand.

They are also active and agile climbers who can jump easily and give the impression that they are flying. Unfortunately their agility is such that they will go anywhere where there is even a slight surface and so sometimes cause accidents. Don’t put a precious crystal vase in a place that your Siberian might be tempted to jump!

These are frisky, playful and tender cats. If you want to keep one inside happily, it is advised that they be spayed or neutered and that they have a reasonable amount of space in which to have fun (i.e. a cat tree or a scratching post). These elements are essential to making them happy and as a result your Siberian will lead a long, healthy and happy life.