Siberian Cat Café | 205, chemin Old Chelsea | Chelsea (Québec) | 819.827.MEOOW (6366)


Rules and Allergies

Humans Rules

For safety reasons, and it’s as much for your children as our cats, NO children aged 10 or under can enter the cat salon. But we haven’t forgotten them! We will have family weekends especially for them. Plenty of surprises await them on Saturday and Sunday afternoons!

Obviously, for the safety and well-being of our cats, NO animals will be permitted in our establishment.

Residents’ Rules

I like:

  • I like being pet…being pet…and…oh Ichat1 almost forgot…being pet!
  • I love to play. Ahh chat3life’s simple pleasures! My humans have made my favourite rods available to you. Don’t use your hands because for me there is a fine line between playing and hunting! Watch out for my little teeth….ouch!
  • I like having my picture taken. chat2bI’m so beautiful! Come on, admit it. I’M SO BEAUTIFUL! Just watch my little eyes—please no flash!

I don’t like:

  • chat4 Being picked up. I feel small and disoriented when a giant takes me off the ground.
  • chat5 I don’t like being disturbed when I’m sleeping. When I sleep, I’m growing. I have growth spurts, so please let me become a nice, big healthy cat!
  • chat6I don’t like loud or sudden noises…speak to me softly. I might have small ears but my hearing is a lot better than yours.
  • chat7I don’t like your food. My kibble is so tasty! Some things can even make me seriously ill. Please don’t feed me!
  • chat8I don’t like people pulling my tail…do you really need me to explain this one?

For me, life is about relaxing! Eat, play and sleep. That’s the life!

I like kids. They’re funny…barely bigger than me and without fur! Since they aren’t familiar with my lifestyle, dear parents, kindly give them some instruction so I won’t be frightened in their presence.

And just like you, my human friends, sometimes I reach a point where I’ve simply had ENOUGH! Since I am very expressive, if I am tired or I simply don’t want to be pet anymore (yeah, yeah, it’s possible!) I will leave or just let you know. Leave me be for a little bit, and I’ll come back to you feeling great!

Unfortunately, if these little rules are not respected, it’s possible that I will let you know that I am unhappy or worse, that I ask my humans to tell you to leave my establishment.

I am happy to have you in MY cat paradise, so please be understanding and we’re sure to have a wonderful time together!