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The Neva Masquarade

The Neva Masquarade

You mustn’t confuse the Traditional Siberian with the Neva Masquerade, a kind of Siberian with colourpoint markings and blue eyes. The Neva Masquerade was recognized as a completely separate breed by the FIFE in 2011. According to the AFC, the Neva Masquerade is also considered as a separate breed but is called Colour-point Siberian. At the Siberian Cat Café, we have chosen, along with our breeder, the traditional Siberian for its purity. Unfortunately, several Nevas have been crossbred in order to preserve the colour-point and blue eyes.

About allergies

Are you allergic to cats? Do you sneeze and blow your nose? Do your eyes sting and water? If so, the Siberian cat might be the one you need.

It may not work for all people with allergies, but many people who are allergic to animals have had success and can handle the Siberian cat. There is about a 90% success rate. See you in the Rules and allergies section for more details.